Our 2015 Interviewees Favourite Christmas Films

How better to mark the occasion, then, asking all of our past interviewees about their favourite Yuletide flicks? Read on to find out which films our Bright Young Things are going to be returning to this Christmas...

Mat Kirkby: My favourite Christmas film is Roadhouse. Not because it’s set at Christmas time. And not because it’s ever on at Christmas. There’s not even any snow in it. It’s because it’s awesome. Patrick Swayze pulls a man’s heart out right through his chest.

Stefan Georgiou: My favourite Christmas film is It's a Wonderful Life. For me it's perfection. However, assuming someone else will put that forward I'm going to say Bad Santa. Its twisted world outlook certainly makes it not a film for everyone, but I think it's uncompromisingly hilarious, and it always manages to move me. It presents a Christmas story with values in a unique way, plus it has one of the all-time best child performances in it. 

Nick Weiss: Bad Santa. Christmas cheer + a womanizing, thieving, pants-urinating jerk in a Santa costume = good comedy.

Penny Lane: I would nominate Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas. A little-known early 1980s made-for-TV Jim Henson Christmas movie culminating in a battle of the bands, it has the most amazing soundtrack, including a badass heavy metal act called The River Bottom Nightmare Band. I know all the songs by heart!

Jack Wylson: I hope a short film counts because my favourite would be The Snowman. Seeing it at Christmas still has a magic and a sadness to it—even now—and the score instantly brings back so many memories. It's a very nostalgic film for me.
Abbie Lucas: 
Perhaps it's a cliche, but my favourite Christmas film has to be It's a Wonderful Life. I love it because the themes of the film are so complex and bittersweet and relatable, you are completely invested in George's life. I once went to see it at the Curzon as part of a Christmas outing for a production company I used to work for; the entire audience was tear streaked when the lights went up... Except for our producer, who was then jokingly berated for having no heart.